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Scythe: Modular Board

Lagerstatus: I lager: 8 st


The Scythe modular board adds a new level of variability to Scythe, with the map (double-sided board and 4 big double-sided tiles) and the faction locations (home base tiles) changing every time you play. The modular board adds a drafting element to setup, along with a variant for a tighter map at low player counts.

This is a completely new board designed specifically for the tiles (which are designed specifically for the new board). Both the board and the tiles are double-sided to maximize variability. When you play Scythe with the modular board, you will not play with any other version of the Scythe board.

The modular board pack features the following:

• 1 double-sided board
• 4 double-sided tiles (7 hexes per tile)
• 8 home base tiles
• 8 structure bonus tiles
• 1 rulebook (11 languages)
• Automa rules for solo play


Artnr: STM638
Lagerstatus: I lager: 8 st




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