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Z-Man Games

  • 1 world - 4 puzzles! Solve your puzzles and flip over your tile. Expand the mysterious networks by wisely placing your tile.... Läs mer
  • Attack of the Orcs – Only a few ancient legends still tell of the Age of the Warrior Kings, when King Wenzel banished the cru... Läs mer
  • Do you have the audacity and cunningness it takes to be crowned king? Recruit new soldiers and build your army in order to f... Läs mer
  • Transform a meager settlement into a mighty empire whose culture will be your greatest achievement! To accomplish this, you... Läs mer
  • The adventure is based on the real events that took place between 1831 and 1836, which led to the creation of the Theory of E... Läs mer
  • Does the blood of the Ancient Kings flow in your veins? Do you have the power to wrest the Artifacts from the Astral Planes a... Läs mer
  • A MARITIME GAME FOR THE FAMILY! Pirates are raiding the nearby cities that are part of the Trade Alliance. The battered harbo... Läs mer
  • EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN IN HELIOS! The high priests have finally found the secret to a happy life. With the sun on... Läs mer
  • STRATEGISTS WHO ASPIRE TO GREATNESS, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU! The Staufer family proved itself a great dynasty in the 12th and 1... Läs mer
  • Cacao immerses the players in the exotic world of the “Fruit of the Gods.” As the chief of your tribe, you must lead your peo... Läs mer
  • The world is in ruin. Humankind is but a distant memory, but only now have you awoken. You are an automaton in possession of... Läs mer
  • It is every architect’s dream to change the face of a city, and playing Skyliners offers you just that. In this new strategic... Läs mer
  • Take command of a Nautilion submarine, control the changing tides, and put an end to the Darkhouse’s delusions of conquest be... Läs mer
  • Undermining casts you in the role of rival miners, hollowing out an alien world in your Universal Mining Vehicle (UMV) for fu... Läs mer
  • In ancient times, monarchs built temples to demonstrate their wealth. The highest temple belonged to the wealthiest monarch. ... Läs mer
  • This is an expansion, the base game is needed. This new expansion for Tragedy Looper includes 2 new Tragedy sets: Midnight Zo... Läs mer
  • A long time ago in Europe, ages were pretty Dark. The distribution of wealth back then left a lot to be desired. Greedy peopl... Läs mer
  • Battle Beyond Space is a massive, multi-player free-for-all space battle with 60–80 ships slugging it out IN SPACE. In 45-60... Läs mer