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  • Ruins make your gaming table to a special place. The kind and form of the ruin stands for the "where" of the action - the bat... Läs mer
  • The donjon Wolvenstein makes your gaming table to a special place. The tower has a square structure with small windows. The s... Läs mer
  • The tower with its circular base and truss top has a massive wooden door with iron fittings and at the top of small loopholes... Läs mer
  • The city tower of ZITERDES for tabletop and strategy games which offers a unique look and detailing. The stone tower is extre... Läs mer
  • The bastion of ZITERDES is one of the highlights and most wanted items since years. This bulwark is the perfect destination f... Läs mer
  • The Dwarf Fortress is a monumental building. Direct from dwarven picks into the rock. Defiantly and secured by 4 towers, this... Läs mer